The dynamic flow control regulates volume flows of up to 65 l/s

With the vortex flow control shaft can be regulated volume flows of up to 65 l/s. The vortex flow control shaft VS-Control External is ideal for retention systems fitted with Graf EcoBloc ditch elements or retention cisterns.

  • Continuously variable installation depth of 985 mm – 6500 mm (38.8" – 21' 4")
  • Minimal height offset between the inlet and the outlet (315 mm (12.4") VS-Control External S; 445 mm (17.5") VS-Control External M; 505 mm (19.9") VS-Control External L)
  • Individually adjustable outflow value
  • Support in the planning and dimensioning of our system
  • Housing can be shortened

Versatile use

  • With storage modules, welded into watertight plastic liners
  • With GRAF underground tanks
  • With retention tanks provided by the customer

Project-specific design

  • Flexible adaptation to the local site conditions using GRAF shaft components
  • Project specific demensioning of the replaceable orifice
  • Different shaft sizes for individual requirements

Reliable in operation

  • No wear because there are no moving parts
  • Low-maintenance, because of the self-cleaning-effect through vortex flow
  • Extremely good revision capability


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